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Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Rajasthan Public Service CommissionIntro to RPSC
Fifty years ago Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) came into existence as an independent body by the promulgation of an ordinance on 16th August, 1949. Giving advices and making recommendations in the making of appointments to public offices, to exercise disciplinary control over public officers is the basic role and function of RPSC.
Formation of RPSC
By the promulgation of an ordinance on 16th August, 1949, Rajasthan Public Service Commission was established and at the time of its establishment, the Public Commission institution existed only in three states of Rajasthan namely Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. The Commission provided for the abolition of the existing Public Service Commissions and also provided for the functions of the Commission, its staff as well as its composition.

Composition of RPSC
In the beginning of the Commission only had one Chairman named Sir S. K. Ghosh , who was then the Chief Justice of Rajasthan along with 2 other members.

Later Shri Devi Shankar Tiwari and Shri N. R. Chandorkar became the members and Shri S.C. Tripathi, who was an ex-member of the Federal Public Service Commission was ordained as a Chairman.

At present, the RPSC has one chairman and five members. Generally the Hon'ble Chief Minister of the State of Rajasthan holds a position in the Commission. The Commission consists of a secretary who belongs to the IAS Cadre looks after all the financial and the administrative tasks. Three Deputy Secretaries in the institution assists the secretary. The oath for the Chairman as well as the members is administered by the Chief Justice of Rajasthan. The Chairman and the Members of the Commission enjoy the same status like that of the Judges of the Supreme Court.

Present Composition of the Commission Chairman: Shri N. K. Berwa, IAS (Retired) Members: V.B. Sharma, (Dr.) S.S.Tak, Prof. (Dr.) H.A.S. Jafri , ShriH.N.Meena C.R. Chaudhary Secretary: Shri R.N. Arvind, IAS Assistant Secretaries: K.L. Gharu, R C L Meena Legal Advisor: Shri J Vyas

Regulations of RPSC
The Rajpramukh brought out the two Regulations under the provisions of the Indian Constitution in 1951 in order to regulate the proper working of the Public Service Commission of Rajasthan. They are :
  • The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Conditions of Service) Regulation(1951)
  • The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Limitation of Functions) Regulation(1951)

The Rajasthan Public Service Commission Rules & Regulation, 1963, the Rules framed by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission for conduct of their Business and the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Regulations and validation of Procedure ordinance 1975 & Act 1976) also regulates the working of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission.

Functions of RPSC
The Public Service Commissions functions impartially and effectively. The Articles 16, 234, 315 to 323 of Indian Constitution deal with the different powers and functions of the Public Service Commissions.
The constitutional responsibilities of Rajasthan Public Service Commission are-
  • To recruit the civil servants for the country
  • To opine about the disciplinary cases drawn against the Govt. Servants in which major punishment is proposed.
  • To recommend for promotion at the level of Class-I and Class-II Gazette positions
  • To opine about the matters affecting the terms and conditions of the Government Servants when referred to PSC
  • To regularize the service of the Govt. Servants according to certain rules
  • To contribute in framing the recruitment policies for various Government Departments
  • To conduct Senior Scale Promotion Exams for BCS cadre officials
  • To conduct Department Exams for both cadre and non-cadre officials

Tenure of the Commission
The tenure of the members and the Chairman of the commission is 5 years. The members or the chairman has to retire at the age of 62 years.

Contact Details of RPSC
Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Ghooghara Ghati, Jaipur Road, Ajmer
Phone : +91+145+ 2627078, 2627080, 2627696 and 2627018

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